Una Comedia a la Antigua: Bitácora del Montaje

Old World : Rehearsal Log

Emma Dib, Rocío Galicia

México, 2003
701 p.

Between August and September of 1997, the Russian director Evgueni Lázariev, invited by CONACULTA, staged the play Old World by Alexei Arbúzov, also Russian. The rehearsal log includes a careful record of the forty sessions with the director, the actors Margarita Sanz and Felio Eliel, and the rest of the creative team (translator, composer, and choreographer). It also includes the final text, curricular sheets, and interviews with the team. At the end of each chapter there is a comment by Emma Dib and Rocío Galicia —authors of the log— analyzing, evaluating and reflecting on various important steps taken while preparing the play. There is an illustrated log containing about 50 photos.