Dissemination Coordination Office

The main duty of The Dissemination Coordination Office is to release the research results and the products related to theater art developed by CITRU.

The publishing area carries out various tasks such as: caring for the editorial process; the organization, planning and support in the presentation of books; the distribution of copies to INBAL (EDUCAL) libraries and also the exchange of consultation material with other research centers, libraries, universities and the specialized public.

The press area is in charge of generating newsletters and reviews, as well as carrying out the registry of events. It also coordinates both printed and audiovisual media coverage of CITRU’s activities.

In addition, with the aim of improving the works carried out by the Center, this Coordination Office promotes the exchange amongst creators (national and international), personalities, researchers and theater students; all this through the management of academic activities such as: seminars, gatherings, conferences, colloquia, exhibitions and courses.

The Coordination Office also seeks to generate new tools to update, inform and link the theater community. One of them is the web project it is managing and which would be the online dissemination of the relevant research material, as well as the updating and disseminating of the most recent CITRU activities and publications.

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