Theater Abstracts: Abstracts and Specialised Bibliography (vol. 1)

Imelda Reyes Lobato, Leslie Zelaya Alger

Theater Abstracts: Abstracts and Specialised Bibliography (vol. II)

Imelda Reyes Lobato, Leslie Zelaya Alger

Actors and Companies in New Spain: The 16th and 17th Centuries

Maya Ramos Smith
Prologue: Concepción Reverte Bernal

Emilio Carballido’s Work Catalog: Vol. I (1946-1967)

Socorro Merlín

Emilio Carballido’s Catalog of Work: Vol. II (1968-1989)

Socorro Merlín

Celestino Gorostiza. A life for The Theater

Editorial Coordination: Paloma Gorostiza. Edition, Compilation, Graphic and literary Selection: Paloma Gorostiza, Guillermina Fuentes, Miguel Capistrán

Old World : Rehearsal Log

Emma Dib, Rocío Galicia

National Theater Company. Illustrated History, 1972-2002

Investigación, Selección e Introducción: Jovita Millán

With Brecht

Translator María Dolores Ponce

Encounters With Tadeusz Kantor

Rocío Judith Galicia Velasco

Theater Locations in Mexico city. 16th to 18th Century

Giovanna Recchia

Esperanza Iris. The Iron Soprano (writings i)

Sergio López Sánchez, Julieta Rivas Guerrero

Mexterminator: Inverse Antropology of a Post Mexican Performer

Introducción y selección: Josefina Alcázar

A Glance at the Life and Work of Sergio Magaña 1924-1990

Leslie Zelaya, Imelda Lobato, Julio César López

Born to glory: Virginia Fábregas, a life Devoted to Theater

Armando de María y Campos

The New Popular Theater in Mexico

Donald H. Frischmann

Homeland, Women and Theater. Chihuahua: Second Half of the 19th Century

A. Montemayor Jáuregui

Performance and Art-action in Latin America

Compilation and Introduction: Josefina Alcázar, Fernando Fuentes

Performance and Theatricality

Josefina Alcázar, Fernando Fuentes, Clemente Padín

A Groping Piece: “4 Chemins 4”

Rodolfo Usigli

Poetry Aloud

Review: Rodolfo Obregón

Shakespeare / My Chéjov

Presentation: Rodolfo Obregón. Traslation: Alonso Ruiz Palacios y Ma. Dolores Ponce.

Theatricality and Power in Ancient Mexico. The Tóxcatl Festival Celebrated by The Mexicas

Martha Julia Toriz Proenza

The Angela Peralta Theater of Mazatlán: From Eviction to Resurrection

Sergio López Sánchez. Collaborators: Iván Hernández, Julieta Rivas Guerrero

The Theater of These Days: A First Essay of Political Theater in Mexico

Coordinadores: Israel Franco y Antonio Escobar

Theater in Mexico 1990-1991: Biennial Book

Arturo Díaz Sandoval, Francisca Miranda Silva

Theater in Mexico: Biennial Book 1992-1993

Coordination: Arturo Díaz Sandoval, Francisca Miranda Silva. Fotografia: Fernando Moguel, José Zepeda

Theater in Mexico: Biennial Book 1994-1995

Francisca Miranda Silva, Arturo Díaz Sandoval

The Mexico City National Theatre: 1841-1901
María Eugenia Aragón Rangel

Theater for Special Education in INBA

Socorro Merlín, Leticia Ángeles

Theater for puppets

Selection and introduction:Luis Martín Solís

Theater and Freedom

Ana Goutman

Theater and Performance in Times of Excess

Coordinador: Gabriel Yépez

Theater and Politics in the Work of Marcelino Dávalos

Socorro Merlín

Theatrical Therapy

Compilers: Gabriel Yépez and Ireli Vázquez

The Training of the Actor

Coordination: Carol Müller. Translation: María Dolores Ponce



Anatomy of Theater

Rodolfo Usigli. Presentación: Luisa Josefina Hernández

The Popular Influence of Puppet Art in Mexico, 1940-1960

Francisca Miranda

Digital Library 1

Nine Mexican Scenographers

Selection of Material: Giovanna Rechia, Interviews: Giovanna Recchia and Hilda Saray

Visual Anthology of Theater in Mexico

Compilation and edition: Leticia Rodríguez and Patricia Ruiz

Theater Annuals in Mexico 1990-2000

Arturo Díaz Sandoval and Francisca Miranda Silva

Contemporary Mexican Female Dramatists

Compilation, texts and translation: Silvia Peláez, Photography: Christa Cowrie

Theatricality in Viceregal Mexico

Coordination of the project: Martha Toriz

The Theater of Gurrola (1957-2000) Stage Direction and Theatrical Architecture

Angélica García

Digital Library 2

Alejandro Jodorowsky in México

Angélica García

Bibliohemerography of History and Critique of Theater in Mexico from 1900

Compilation and introduction: Joaquín Israel Franco Sandoval

Golden Era of the Puppet Theater of Bellas Artes 1932-1965

Socorro Merlín and Francisca Miranda Silva

What i am…is Theater. 100 Years aAter the Birth of Rodolfo Usigli (vols. I, II & III)

Presentation: Rodolfo Obregó

Luis Rivero: Anthology of Original Music for the Theater (vols. I & II)

Presentation, compilation, recording and mastery: Rodolfo Sánchez Alvarado

Theater in Mexico 1900-1990. Database of Plays

Edition and introduction: Escobar Delgado, Presentation: Luis Mario Moncada

Digital Library 3

Mexican National Automaton Company of the Rosete Aranda Brothers (1835-1942)

General coordination: Marisa Giménez Cacho, Research: Francisca Miranda

Tent Theater Rosete Aranda, Carlos V. Espinal & Sons Company (1900-1961)

General coordination: Marisa Giménez Cacho, Research: Francisca Miranda

Once Upon a Time…a History of Puppets

Direction, production and script: J. Martín Almaraz

Maroma Campesina: (Traditional Peasant Circus): From the Yodel to the Stage

Production, script and edition: Eugenio Cobo, Research and interviews: Luz María Robles. Presentation: Maya Ramos Smith

Masks in Action: Characters and Performances in Mexico

Coordination: Sofía González Caccia

Ceremonial Representations of Yucatan

Óscar Urrutia Lazo

Community Theater. Research Notebook

Coordination: J. Israel Franco S.

Poets of the Stage: Maroma Campesina (Traditional Peasant Circus)

Luz María Robles Dávila

Life and Miracles of the Tents: The Tents in Mexico 1930-1950

Socorro Merlín, Presentation: Rodolfo Obregón, Prologue: Alberto Híjar

Digital Library 4

Hell city. The Theater of Julio Castillo

Production: Eugenio Cobo

In Battle. The theater of Ludwik Margules

Production: Verónica Quezada Granados

Ignacio Retes. “Occupation: Man of theater”

Research: Jovita Millán

Julio Castillo. “The Child Who Doesn’t Leave Me Alone”

Research: Sonia León

Ludwik Margules. "The Poetry of Directing"

Research: Verónica Quezada Granados

Miguel Sabido. “The Ritual Theater”

Research: Martha Julia Toriz Proenza

Nancy Cárdenas. Gender and Stage

Research: Angélica García

Suite of Mexican Theater

Production: Eugenio Cobo

Facsimile Collection

CITRU Magazines

Coordination, Text Editing and Image Digitalization: Imelda Lobato and Leslie Zelaya

Theater: Bulletin of Information and History

Coordination and text editing: Imelda Lobato and Leslie Zelaya

UNAM Theater Journals

Coordination, text editing and image digitalization: Imelda Lobato and Leslie Zelaya

Mexican XX Century Scenography

Research: Giovanna Recchia

Women in Action

Josefina Alcázar

Imaginary Museum of Theater

Responsible for the content: Rodolfo Obregón

Theater Music

Compilation, selection and edition: Javier Bolaños

Performance in Mexico Series

Carlos Jaurena: Catharsis and Communication

Research and compilation: Josefina Alcázar

César Martínez: Dynamite and Gelatine

Research and compilation: Josefina Alcázar

Ricardo Velazko: Humor and Video

Research and compilation: Josefina Alcázar

Victor Lerma: Game and Subtlety

Research and compilation: Josefina Alcázar


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Paradigmatic Changes of the Mexican Theatre. XX and XXI

Compilers: Centuries Arturo Díaz and Gabriel Yépez

Cycle: Legacy of the Great Creators of the Twentieth Century

Coordination notebook: Araceli Rebollo

History and Theatre in the Xavier Rojas Contest

Socorro Merlín

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9 Mexican Stage Designers

Research: Giovanna Recchia and Hilda Saray

Commentated Catalog of the Work by Emilio Carballido

Research: Socorro Merlín

Performance and Censorship in the Viceroyalty of Mexico

Research: Martha Toriz, Maya Ramos Smith, Luis Armando Lamadrid, José Antonio Robles Cahero, Miguel Ángel Vásquez and Antonio Corona.

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Panic Theater in Mexico

Research: Angélica García Gómez

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Theater Abstracts (Volumes I and II)

Research: Imelda Lobato Reyes and Leslie Zelaya Alger

Theatre Yearbook

Responsible: Luis Alcocer

Historic Review of the Theatre in Mexico 2.0-2.1. Theatre Review Information System

Coordination: Israel Franco and Sergio Honey

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