Research Coordination

The aim of the projects supervised by the Research Coordination Office is to create intellectual products that contribute to the reflection on theater and help elucidate the creative processes of performing arts. With this purpose the research tackles playwriting, productions, studies on theater spatiality and architecture, history and the contemporary scene, iconographic studies, dramatic theory, criticism and catalog of creators or movements, among other expressions that chiefly form the theater work in our country.

In dialogue with the research coordinator, researchers formulate a project that is presented to the Academic Board in order to be assessed. The Board passes judgment favorably on the research projects taking into account the following: the importance of the subject to be carried out, the soundness and theoretical clarity with which the researcher maintains his/her proposal, the feasibility of carrying it out, the plan of work and the contributions that the end product of the research would offer to the enrichment of theater and its studies.

This Coordination Office also determines the ultimate goal of these researches, which could be either its inclusion in CITRU’s documents archive or its dissemination through printed or electronic publications.

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