The CITRU management represents the Center before the authorities, institutions and individuals with whom they have established a relationship. It carries out activities such as resource management, the arrangement and implementation of collaborative agreements and ceremonial academic activities. Primarily, it oversees the fulfillment of policies, norms and criteria set for the preservation of the Institute’s documental artistic heritage.

Furthermore, it is responsible for programming, development and evaluation of CITRU’s research, documentation and distribution projects. It presides over the Academic Board, presents a work plan to be developed during the compliance of its functions and it participates in the performance evaluation of researchers. In the editorial area, it puts forth a plan for publications and reissues of the Center, besides promoting and proposing the acquisition of funds that will increase its document collection.

With the aim of improving the quality of the research projects, it promotes the exchange of material, research methodologies, documentation and the diffusion to other related centers and institutions.


Arturo Díaz
Díaz Arturo


Research Coordination

CITRU’s Research Coordination organizes, advises and evaluates the content and the development of research geared towards the study of performance work. This Coordination promotes the enforcement of new approaches in the fields of theory, review and the distribution of theater research, through a critical analysis, a specific methodology and a given context. It also seeks that the research complies with the goal of influencing and enriching knowledge on performing phenomena —mainly in our country—, as well as to generate new reflection perspectives and thinking paths surrounding theater.

At CITRU, the experts suggest for their research particular subjects or relevant subjects in the theater sphere through specific research pathways, such as: “Critical and theoretic research”, “Historical research” and “Theoretical and practical research”, from particular focuses and methodologies such as historiographical, sociological, ethnological, anthropological and discourse analysis. All this takes place under the principle of freedom of research and according to the research programs specified by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura).

Once the research is concluded, the Coordination decides whether the product is to be kept by the Center for its future use, or to be made available to the interested public through its publication (books, magazines, CDs, DVDs) or through electronic media.

This area also promotes —in coordination with other art research centers, creators and performing art researchers— academic events such as seminars, courses, creative meetings and discussions, with the aim of updating theater professionals as well as the interested public.


Guillermina Fuentes
Fuentes Guillermina


Josefina Alcázar
Alcázar Josefina

Patricia Chavero
Chavero Patricia

Antonio Escobar
Escobar Antonio

Israel Franco
Franco Israel

Rocío Galicia
Galicia Rocío

Angélica García
García Angélica

Julio López
López Julio

Sergio López
López Sergio

Medellin Fabiola
Medellin Fabiola

Socorro Merlín
Merlín Socorro

Jovita Millán
Millán Jovita

Francisca Miranda
Miranda Francisca

Rubén Ortiz
Ortiz Rubén

Héctor Quiroga
Quiroga Héctor

Juan Retes
Ramos Maya

Juan Retes
Retes Juan

Martha Toriz
Toriz Martha

Miguel Vasquez
Vasquez Miguel

Gabriel Sánchez
Salcido Miroslava

Noemi Zepeda
Zepeda Noemi


Document Coordination Office

Through the elaboration of consultation materials, the Document Coordination Office preserves and enriches CITRU’s artistic documentary heritage, and it also makes it available to all the people and projects committed to building theater knowledge. These materials bring together analyzed, organized and encoded information through the joining and studying of funds and collections.

The documentary projects coordinated by this area have the following objectives: on the one hand, the recovery of a very important testimonial archive, and on the other, the buildup of multiple referencing tools that could be useful in the study of the national theater phenomena.

It has the task of contributing to the Center’s plans and projects aimed at the conservation of the artistic documentary heritage (about the stage discipline) for everybody involved in the accumulation of national art knowledge.

Its aim is to put forth the suitable guidelines and mechanisms for the use and conservation of the acquis, to supervise the state of the archives, to oversee and have an institutional responsibility for this preservation, to manage the resources and the necessary actions for the acquisition, stability, cataloging and the use of the documentary heritage and to apply the necessary measures and corrections for the safeguarding, recovery and backup of the information kept in the documents, as well as to put forth and to participate in the necessary projects for its distribution.


Julieta Rivas
Rivas Julieta


Luis Alcocer
Alcocer Luis

Josué Barrera
Barrera Josué

Luis Domínguez
Domínguez Luis

Norma Nelly Garcia
Garcia Nelly

Gómez Elizabeth
Gómez Elizabeth

Jeanette González
González Jeanette

Jeanette González
González Paulina

Sergio Honey
Honey Sergio

Claudia Irán Jasso
Jasso Claudia

Morales Gabriel
Morales Gabriel

Rodríguez Leticia
Rodríguez Leticia

Patricia Ruiz
Ruiz Patricia

Gabriel Sánchez
Sánchez Gabriel

Alejandra Serrano
Serrano Alejandra


Dissemination Coordination Office

The main duty of The Dissemination Coordination Office is to release the research results and the products related to theater art developed by CITRU.

The publishing area carries out various tasks such as: caring for the editorial process; the organization, planning and support in the presentation of books; the distribution of copies to INBAL (EDUCAL) libraries and also the exchange of consultation material with other research centers, libraries, universities and the specialized public.

The press area is in charge of generating newsletters and reviews, as well as carrying out the registry of events. It also coordinates both printed and audiovisual media coverage of CITRU’s activities.

In addition, with the aim of improving the works carried out by the Center, this Coordination Office promotes the exchange amongst creators (national and international), personalities, researchers and theater students; all this through the management of academic activities such as: seminars, gatherings, conferences, colloquia, exhibitions and courses.

The Coordination Office also seeks to generate new tools to update, inform and link the theater community. One of them is the web project it is managing and which would be the online dissemination of the relevant research material, as well as the updating and disseminating of the most recent CITRU activities and publications.


Araceli Rebollo
Rebollo Araceli


Denise Anzures
Anzures Denise

Araceli Basilio
Basilio Araceli

Agustin Elizondo
Agustin Elizondo

Alberto Figueroa
Figueroa Alberto

Isis García
García Isis

Andrea Garza
Garza Andrea

Idueta Denise
Idueta Denise

Rodolfo Obregon
Obregon Rodolfo


Administrative Coordination Office

The Administrative Coordination Office manages the human, material and financial resources assigned to CITRU based on the guidelines previously determined by INBA. Its aim is to provide the administrative support needed by the areas that make up the Center —specifically, Management and the Research, Documentation and Diffusion Coordination Offices—, so that they can develop successfully in the yearly programmed activities.


Jesús Escalona
Escalona Jesús


Obdulia Calderon
Calderon Obdulia

Araceli Martinez
Martinez Araceli