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Documents archive


Chronology of funds and collections CITRU 2015

The CITRU has several funds and collections ranging from 1827 to 2015, which can be accessed right through the coordination of documentation.

In the chronology different archives, collections and photographic collections of various exponents of Mexican theater shows.

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They are materials kept at CITRU’s premises (located in the Research Tower of the National Center for the Arts [Centro Nacional de las Artes, CENART]) and consist of records of stagings, creators, events, associations and subjects. All of these are of recent acquisition or creation and are part of the researches that are in process or are about to be preserved or registered, and later on will be transferred to the Arts Library (Biblioteca de las Artes).


Local Document Archive
Find out how to consult the catalog and the archive at CITRU’s premises
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Free concession of the Arts Library

Free concession of the Arts Library (Biblioteca de las Artes)

For its right use, part of CITRU’s document archive is protected in the Arts Library under the free concession contract. These materials are at the user’s disposal under the Aleph system, software that allows you to manage all the library’s services such as user catalog, inventories, acquisitions, circulation and lending, identity card use, etcetera. The materials are classified into two areas: in the area of special collections there are materials from before 1950 or with certain physical characteristics: documents that because of their features (such as their manufacturing qualities) need to be kept under special temperature, humidity and lighting conditions and should be handled with care. The materials from after 1950 are kept in the Reference section. Both areas consist of different collections.

It is important to emphasize that in the newspaper library, the music library and the video library, audio and video material from CITRU can be found. The archive can be consulted through the library’s online catalogue for its subsequent physical location and lending.

Terms of Access

The Archive’s materials that are in the Reference section or in the Special Collections area can be accessed based on the chronology of the documents. For lending in the reading room you must have a valid identity card. The materials located in the Reference section can also be taken home by students, researchers, professors and personnel of CENART. External people can only consult these materials at the reading rooms. The public opening times for the Reference section are from 9:00 to 19:00 hrs., and the Special Collections area from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs., Monday to Friday.

Terms of Copy

All copies are made according to the copyright law. In the case of the collections that are part of the Special Collections, authorization for their copy must be requested from CITRU. This authorization takes into consideration the state of the wanted material, and in the case of approval, the copy will be made by the Special Collections’ personnel.

The material belonging to the Reference section can be photocopied, but it is important to take the following into account:

  • If the number of photocopies is higher than 50 pages, they will not be handed over until the next working day.
  • For preservation purposes only the 30% of hardback materials that are in good physical condition can be photocopied.
  • Double-sided photocopies are not made.
  • Materials from the XVIII century, pictures, handwritten or typewritten texts or documents in poor physical condition will not be photocopied.
  • The user can use his/her digital camera to make a copy.
  • In the case of documents with royalties the pertinent procedure has to be carried out.
  • The photocopy service is from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs.


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