Document Coordination Office

The Documentary Studies are projects with the objective of finding a solution to a research problem on theater from the location, organization and use of information. This process involves stages of searching for, selection and classification of materials, and it also entails the analysis of the information and the design of a conceptual structure, as well as the definition of a theoretical and cognitive framework according to the subject of study. In this way, original texts that enrich the artistic research field are generated.

All these projects become end and intermediate products, which are systems of organization and recovery of information that from different technical supports allow the use of large volumes of information, facilitating the dissemination of the artistic documentary heritage.

Works of reference are generated, made up of: specialized basis of information, catalogs, reference indexes, or also critical and analytical works on specific contexts, subjects or personalities, all of which are disseminated through the publication of books, videos, multimedia formats or web pages. Likewise, the files used during these researches are kept registered and constantly updated so they can be consulted.

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