María Luisa Ocampo: Mujer de Teatro

María Luisa Ocampo: A theater woman

Socorro Merlín

Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero, Secretaría de la Mujer / CONACULTA / INBA-CITRU / Editorial Lema
México, 2000
350 p.

Socorro Merlín offers a close insight into the personality and artistic and literary paths of María Luisa Ocampo, a special woman who participated as author, scene director and promoter for groups that supported the plays of Mexican authors during the first half of the 20th century: Group of Seven Drama Artists (1931), Mexican Comedy (1928), Society of Theater Friends (1931), Civic Association of Theater in Mexico (1943), among others. She was the writer of several successful dramas at that time, as well as novels, tales, poetry, chronicles, and theater criticism. Her ministerial work promoting public libraries has been recognized.

In special sections there are data sheets registering the documents —scripts, narrative, photos, etc. — that made this research possible, some of which serve as illustrations. Drama texts are included.