Performance y Teatralidad

Performance and theatricality

Josefina Alcázar, Fernando Fuentes, Clemente Padín

Editors: Ileana Diéguez, Josefina Alcázar

México, 2006
206 p.

Researchers, theater people and interpreters —from Mexico and other countries— with professional trajectories linked in a wide sense with performing arts, were invited to collaborate in this opening issue of the theater research notebooks by CITRU. They tackle, from diverse focus and strategies, the possible relationships —of inclusion, intersection, antagonism and/or feedback— among theatricality and performance, understood as differentiated stage practices. Theoretical developments, historiography, national and regional panoramas, group and personal aesthetics, chronicles and memoirs of events and experiences, studies on creators, translations on life experiences, acting scripts, anticipations, manifestos and proclamations merge in a collage of stories. All of the above stay as a record of the multiplicity, the paradox, and the transforming intensities of the performance representational experience and also of the plurality of discourses that it can create. The design of the magazine imposes images in faded alignment, it plays with character format and prints chromatic contrasts between background and graphic character. With photographs documenting the texts, the anthology gathers collaborations by Guillermo Gómez Peña (Chicano), Juan José Gurrola (Mexico), José A. Sánchez (Spain), Ricardo Díaz (Mexico), Antonio Prieto Stambaugh (Mexico), Elvira Santamaría (Mexico), Miguel Rubio Zapata (Peru), Rubén Ortiz (Mexico), Beatriz J. Rizk (Colombia), Angélica García (Mexico), Renato Cohen (Brazil), Jorge A. Vargas (Mexico), Vivian Martínez Tabares (Cuba), Martín C. (France), Héctor Bourges (Mexico), Jorge Miyagui (Peru), Jorge Dubatti (Argentina), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier (France), Janice Alva (Mexico), Gabriel Sánchez Rovirosa (Mexico) and finally, Ileana Diéguez (Cuba) and Josefina Alcázar (Mexico), also editors of this notebook.