El Teatro en México: Bianuario 1992-1993

Theater in Mexico: biennial book 1992-1993

Coordination: Arturo Díaz Sandoval, Francisca Miranda Silva

Photography: Fernando Moguel, José Zepeda

México, 1995.
344 p.

A book that offers a log of the plays staged in Mexico City and other States during 1992 and 1993 together with data information and photos of 761 of those plays. There is also information about festivals, exhibitions, theater congresses and encounters; information about awards offered by critics associations; references of books and periodic literature published; and also biographies of theater people who died in that period. In addition to the previous volume, this Bianuario 1991-1993, includes a collection of articles and chronicles that offer a “first reading of the relevant/recurrent scenic topics and phenomenon” and provide an “immediate interpretation of data in the volume”. The texts also tell about stage design, theater production in the States, children’s theater and several topics related to cultural policies