Teatro y Política en la obra de Marcelino Dávalos

Theater and politics in the work of Marcelino Dávalos

Socorro Merlín

México, 2011
188 p.

Theater and politics

The critical study of Socorro Merlín on Marcelino Dávalos (1871-1923) —scholar, artist, lawyer and intellectual politically committed to the revolutionary struggle, on the side of Carranza and Madero— envisages the analysis of most of the 19 texts that are part of his dramatic work. There is a strong emphasis in his work on the relationship between theater and politics and the historical co-relations that marked his literary production. In taking him as a playwright who binds ideology and poetry, while deeply delving into a relationship with politics and historical facts of his age and time, and as an author with innovative dramatic resources, alienated from the literary canon of his age, the study justifies the re-assessment of the historical figure of Dávalos within the Mexican theater filed during the first decades of the 20th century. Out of the list of contents: “Marcelino Dávalos within the Context of the 19th Century”, “The Playwright at the Dawn of the 20th Century”, “Theater and Politics in the Work of Marcelino Dávalos”, “Other Topics in the Work of Marcelino Dávalos”, “His Poems, Songs and Tales”, “His Pedagogical Work”. A reference bibliography is also included and the work “Mascarada” is attached, along with an iconographic annex with pictures of plays and of the author.