eintiún Años de Crónica Teatral en México

Twenty one years of theatrical chronicles in Mexico

Beatriz San Martín Vda. de Maria y Campos

Edition, introduction, notes and indexes of names: Martha Julia Toriz Proenza

México, 1999 4 t. en 2 v.
333 p.

Vol. 1: First Part(1944-1950); Segunda parte (1951-1955)

Vol. II: Second Part (1956-1959); Segunda parte (1960-1965)

As the result of an ambitious project, four volumes of an anthology on the chronicles that the historian and art critic Armando de Maria y Campo published from 1944 to 1965 in the newspaper Novedades were published. In order to compile and select almost 2000 chronicles, Beatriz San Martín, widow of Maria de Campos, prioritized the texts referring to Mexican theater. Such texts altogether offer to any investigator a panorama of theatrical activities during that period: plays, seasons, theaters, list of anniversaries, events, tributes, various performances, as well as comments on Mexican and/or foreign actors, directors and playwrights working in Mexico.