Anuarios del teatro en México 1990-2000

Theater annuals in Mexico 1990-2000

Arturo Díaz Sandoval and Francisca Miranda Silva

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

(Documentary Studies and Consultation Works Collection, in Digital Library 1)

Digital edition that registers the stage performances of a decade of theater in Mexico, from 1990 to 2000, in Mexico City and within the Republic. From the main menu, one accesses the chronologically ordered register of plays, as well as the sections on “Events”, “Awards”, “Homages”, “Published Plays”, “Gallery”, with photos and videos about selected montages, and on “Reviews” with critical reviews and essays that value and contextualize the theatrical production year by year. The index of authors, plays, directors, groups, scenographers, wardrobe artists, composers, choreographers, producers and stage spaces in Mexico City allow the reader to interact with the main information about the annuals.