Documentales de teatro mexicano: Ignacio Retes, Caminante del teatro; Seki Sano, Vida y teatro; Danzón dedicado al teatro mexicano

Documentaries of mexican theater: Ignacio Retes, walker of the theater; Seki Sano, life and theater; danzón dedicated to mexican theater

Eugenio Cobo

DVD (Image and Sound of Theater Collection, in Digital Library 1)

The reassembled videos of this DVD merge the creative exercise of the producer Eugenio Cobo with diverse works of documentary investigation, montages and stage creators of Mexican theater in the second half of the 20th century. In Ignacio Retes, Walker of the Theater (1995), the testimonies in the first person voice of Ignacio Retes, together with interviews with theater people – personally and professionally close to the master – stress his trajectory as a stage director, dramatist, and theater and cinema actor.

In the documentary Seki Sano, Life and Theater (1997), through autobiographical texts, era documents, and with the participation of researchers and some of his disciples, the journey of the Japanese teacher in Mexico as an actor trainer, a stage director and a social activist is evoked, from his arrival to the country in 1933 to his death in 1966. Finally, Danzón Dedicated to Mexican Theater (1997) displays a sequence of scenes of memorable montages of the last few decades of Mexican theater, liberally grouped around certain thematic motives – love, struggle, death, for example – in dialog with the “Danzón no. 2”, by Arturo Márquez.