Teatralidades en el méxico virreinal

Theatricality in viceregal Mexico

Coordination of the project: Martha Toriz

CD (Documentary Studies and Consultation Works Collection, in Digital Library 1)

An anthology of essays that, from different disciplines and theoretical approaches, studies the expressive behavior in the viceregal Mexico from stage arts to civic, courtesan and popular festivals in New Spain’s society, and, in particular, the censorship exercised by the authorities on performing manifestations. The digital notebook includes the works: “The Evangelization Theater”, by Martha Toriz, “The Censure of Religious Festivities” and “Street Artist Expressions, Three Examples from Three Centuries” by Maya Ramos Smith; “The Profane Theater: Regulation and Censure”, by Maya Ramos Smith and Luis Armando Lamadrid; “A Tour of the Popular Music and Dance of New Spain”, by José Antonio Robles Cahero; “Courtesan Parties” and “Bullfights”, by Miguel Ángel Vázquez; and “The Jarocho Son and Popular Music of Barroque Spain”, by Antonio Corona. It offers hypertexts that take the reader to the set of studies in the CD, and includes options to access reference sources and sites of interest.