El teatro de Gurrola (1957-2000): Dirección escénica y arquitectura teatral

The theater of Gurrola (1957-2000) stage direction and theatrical architecture

Angélica García

CD (Creators and Personalities Collection, in Digital Library 1)

An investigation that utilizes resources of digital support to configure a multimedia and interactive work catalog that documents more than 40 years (from 1957 to 2000) in which Juan José Gurrola persevered in the creation of new – and heterodox – spaces for contemporary Mexican theater, evoked by Raúl Falcó in the introductory text. The “Theater” segment presents and registers, in chronological and alphabetical order, 56 plays directed by Gurrola, with access options for images of programmes, photographs, critical reviews, and finally, videos of those montages. Another section displays technical descriptions of the plays in which he participated as an actor, translator or dramatist, as well as plays for which he also designed the scenery. The “Biography” section displays lists of works in other creative fields: plastic arts (conceptual art, installations, happenings, shared and individual exhibitions, photography and performance); cinema (direction, scripts, acting and awards); music, opera, radio and television (biographical series and television theater). Finally, the “Architecture” section displays descriptions, images of building plans and models, also of the architect Juan José Gurrola.