El teatro pánico de Alejandro Jodorowsky en México (1960-1977)

The panic theater of Alejandro Jodorowsky in Mexico (1960-1977)

Angélica García

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

CD (Creators and Personalities Collection, in Digital Library 2)

Work, multimedia and interactive catalog that finds in the digital edition, the ideal support to document, recuperate and value the dazzling, mutlifaceted and intense stage creation of Alejandro Jodorowsky (Chile, 1929) during more than 10 years that he lived in Mexico, where he undertook forerunning and visionary proposals, precursors of new fin-de-siècle representational forms, like the happening and the performance. In the “Work Catalog” section, it is registered and documented, in alphabetical and chronological order, his stage work in theater (close to 50 montages) and in “ephimeres” (16 idiosyncratic shows), with access buttons to technical files, photographic images, audience documents, reviews, participant comments and other generated documents for stage events. In the “Postulated Theory section”, one accesses a selection of five texts, in which Jodorowsky shows his poetics and reflections on his stage practice and the Mexican theatrical situation. The “Articles and Interviews” section deals with a selection of interviews with Alejandro, and a hemerographic selection with texts from diverse writers and critics. In the “Bibliographical Profile” section, one considers his achievements in other creative fields: as a cinema director, writer (author of works that cover poetry, fantasy literature, science fiction, drama, philosophy, memoirs and reflections) as a writer of comics, and generator of other little-considered activities, like as a magazine editor, a founding member of an anti-music group and a producer of films with young directors; with files, documents and images about these works, which also include an autobiographical semblance and written texts by Topor and Arrabal, co-founders of the panic movement. Finally, the catalog includes a section with bibliographical, hemerographical archive (institutional and private) references, from the Internet and other consulted sources.