Nancy Cárdenas. Género y escena

Nancy Cárdenas. Gender and stage

Research: Angélica García

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

(CD-Rom) Digital Library 4, Series: Stage creators
México, 2013

Nancy Cárdenas participated as an actress in the important Poesía en Voz Alta movement and constructed an artistic career in theater, cinema, radio and literature. This activity was always accomplished with an active political participation that transited from the recognition and struggles of the student movement – with its zenith in 1968 - to the battle to democratize the cultural production and, finally, the social activism in favor of homosexual rights. Nancy Cárdenas was a pioneer in the presentation of theatrical spectacles with this theme, and successfully contributed to the opening of spaces necessary to be included in public debate.

The CD documentary Gender and Stage in its interactive form, the information associated with these two intimately related facets of the activity of one of the most distinguished stage directors in Mexican theater, as well as radiophonic material and publications that structured her thought and guided her action in the theatrical and public stages.