Mujeres en acción.

Women in action

Josefina Alcázar

13 CD (Documentary series on performance)
México, 2006

As part of the research project “The Map of Performance in Mexico”, Women in Action documents the creative work of 17 performers who undertook their work in Mexico throughout the last three decades. The series finds in the multimedia compact disc the ideal support for interactive encounters with the stage biographies and the performances of Maris Bustamante, Mónica Mayer, Ma. Eugenia Challet, Katrina Bello, Lorena Wolffer, Elvira Santamaría, Rocío Boliver (“La Congelada” or “The Frozen Grape”), Niña Yhared, Katia Tirado, Lorena Méndez, Elizabeth Romero, Lorena Orozco, Gabriela Olivo de Alba, Andrea Ferreyra, Thereza López, Edith Medina y Diana Olalde ("Toti"). The documental investigation mixes oral history, autobiography, bibliohemerographical registers and audio and video registers, to make an estimate, from diverse approaches, of the performance trajectory of each one of the characters selected for this first series. The information appears organized in three segments: with the “Gallery” section, one accesses brief details, descriptions, photos and/or videos of the diverse montages; with the option “Almost everything about…”, one consults semblances, interviews, curriculums, published work, awards and distinctions, critical reviews and reviews, autobiographical notes and summaries in English on this content; finally, with the “Graphics” option, we find a sample of audience programs, invitations, posters and flyers that served in their moment to announce and diffuse the undertakings that these artists presented.