Carlos Jaurena: Catarsis y comunicación

Carlos Jaurena: Catharsis and communication

Research and compilation: Josefina Alcázar

CD (Performance in Mexico Series)
CONACULTA / INBA-CITRU / Birkbeck, University of London
México, 2014

An accredited member of the ‘Los Grupos (The Groups)’ generation, Carlos Jaurena performed with the Sindicato del Terror (Terror Syndicate) group with great impact. From 1991 to date, he has performed solo, in which the search for direct communication with the public, humor and irony stand out, and where on the majority of occasions, his actions have touched upon strands of autobiography and politics. As well as the creation of pictorial plays and the art object, Jaurena has been responsible for important cultural spaces and institutions, among them, the José María Velasco Gallery (2000-2004) and Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Ex Teresa Modern Art) (2004-2013).

This CD contains the register of his performance work (details and photographs, posters and other printouts), as well as an artistic semblance, interviews, writings and critical reviews these are complimented with a chapter about the rest of his artistic work (in the section “All about Carlos”). The compact disc includes a version in English.