Víctor Lerma: Juego y sutileza

Victor Lerma: Game and subtlety

Research and compilation: Josefina Alcázar

CD (Performance in Mexico Series)
CONACULTA / INBA-CITRU / Birkbeck, University of London
México, 2011

A multidisciplinary artist with a background in architecture and plastic arts and a pioneer of performance in Mexico, Víctor Lerma (Tijuana, 1949) is an initiator of actions that explore the space/time of his personal life and the Mexican social and political environment, a great part of them marked by the “Paint My Line” project, in collaboration with Mónica Mayer. His creative practice is also undertaken installation, conceptual art, object art, visual poetry, sound art, digital art, process art, artists’ books and intervention. With multimedia support, the works catalog is organized in three segments: “Gallery”, with the artist’s photographs, videos and texts about nearly 20 actions undertaken between 1977 and 2007, which offer testimony of the intimate, ritual and politically critical strands of his performances; “Almost Everything about Victor”, with the options “Semblance”, “Critiques and Reviews”, “Interview”, “Another Plastic Art”, “Self-Confessions”, “Paint My Line” (Radio)” and “Curriculum Vitae”, with biographical details and registers of exhibitions and performances (individual and collective), publications, conferences and the artist’s diverse works. Finally, the “Graphics” section displays images of programs, posters and various documents. It includes a complete version of the multimedia in English.