Documenta CITRU: revista semestral se investigación teatral. Nueva época

CITRU documents: Theater investigation biennial magazine Nueva Época

No. 4, May, 2001, 144 p.

Published from 1999 to 2001 (four issues)


MONCADA, Luis Mario.
Action and No-Action in Theater. (p. 6)

Dossier Juan José Gurrola:

GURROLA, Juan José.
Quantum Theater (p. 14)
Passion for touching the intangible, for propitiating theater. Hilda Saray and Giovanna Recchia interview Juan José Gurrola (p. 20)

GARCÍA, Angélica.
Gurrola and Art. Transgressed Thought (p. 40)

ROVIROSA, Gabriel S.
Gurrola by Strindberg: Some Reflections on the Word "Subversión" in Theater (p. 48)

BALLESTEROS, Héctor y Angélica García.
Gurrola Architect (p. 56)

LEÓN, Marisa de.
Guide for Promotion of Scenic Shows (p. 68)

PARTIDA T., Armando.
New Russian Theater (p. 94)

VÁSQUEZ, Miguel Ángel.
Comedies and Dramas in the Library’s Logs, an Option to Approach the End of Century Theater (p. 110)

CARRASCO, Maribel.
The Legion of Dwarves (Dramatic Text) (p. 118)

MACIAS, Sylvia.
Scenic Staff, first Cycle of Alternative Scene (p. 136)

JIMÉNEZ, Lucina.
Theater Women Network in Mexico (p. 142)