Araceli Basilio Tapia

Araceli Basilio Tapia


Specialty in Editorial Design at the Escuela de Diseño [Design College], INBA [National Institute of Fine Arts]
Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication at the Facultad de Artes y Diseño [Arts and Design College], of UNAM [National Autonomous University of Mexico].

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She has worked in the field of editorial design with the publication of the journal Archivos de Investigación Pediátrica [Archives of Pediatric Research] of the National Confederation of Pediatrics of Mexico, as well as in the editorial design of the book Crisis en la infancia y la adolescencia [Crisis in Childhood and Adolescence], Dr. Mario Arellano Penagos. She attended the certification course Cultural Management at the Academia de San Carlos [Academy of San Carlos], UNAM. She has worked independently in the development of cultural projects in the state of San Luis Potosi. She also developed a website on Architecture:

Since 2010 she began working for the INBA as a graphic designer at the Escuela Superior de Música [Music College], where she coordinated the area of Design by developing posters, monthly billboards, handbills and all the printed and digital artwork for advertising the institutional academic activities. She also developed the editorial project: Escuela superior de música – Gaceta [Music College – Gazette].

Since April 2014, she collaborates at the Information and Diffusion Coordination Office of CITRU. She performs there the following activities: art, design and graphic material to promote the different products and activities of CITRU; she designed the 3rd and 4th collection of CITRU’s postcards, as well as the electronic publication: Cuaderno de apoyo al ciclo Herencia de los grandes creadores del siglo XX [A Notebook to Support the Documentary Series “Heritage of the twentieth century Great Creators”] ( She develops also as a Community Manager. In collaboration with the Diffusion Coordination Office she teaches the workshop “Design and Dissemination Strategies”.