Isis García Estrada

Isis García Estrada

Public Relations

Postgraduate Studies in Stage Management and Production at the University of Barcelona, Spain.
Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Literature and Theatre by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México [National Autonomous University of Mexico].

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She works as a theatre producer for the independent troupe Teatro Bola de Carne, integrated by Micaela Gramajo and Bernardo Gamboa, which has generated the following stage plays: Bola de carne [Lot of Flesh], El cuerpo de U [The Body of U] y Gerda Taro, (Te mataré, derrota) [Gerda Taro, (I’ll Kill You, Defeat]. She made the executive production of the following shows: La escuela de las mujeres [The Women’s School] by Germán Castillo; Esto no es Romeo y Julieta [This is not Romeo and Juliet and Edipo Complejamente [Complexly Oedipus], by the independent troupe Luna Avante; Señales de onda corta [Shortwave Signals] by Katia Castañeda; Tres para el Almuerzo [Three for Lunch] and La chica conejita [The Little Doe-Girl], presented at the International Cervantino Festival of Guanajuato and in Espoo City Teathre at Finland, both of them directed by Gabriela Ochoa; NoOthello and Muertos sin sepultura [Dead Without Tomb] directed by José Alberto Gallardo; Abrir la ventana [Opening the Window] and ¿Ana, verdad? [Ana, Right?] directed by Margarita Mandoki. For more than five years she was the General Producer for the troupe Peregrino Teatro, which presented stage plays like: I love Sodoma and Los cuatro cantos de la Bestia [The Four Songs of the Beast].

In the Shows Production area, she has studied with the following teachers: Gabriela Halac, Antonino Pirozzi, Marisol Torres, Miguel Ángel Pérez Martín, Gustavo Schrairer, Víctor Weinstok and Marisa de León. She also participated in the seminar titled “Taller de diseño y gestión de proyectos culturales” [“Design and Management of Cultural Projects Workshop”], generated by the Culture Ministry of Mexico City.

At the same time, she has worked as a teacher at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria [National High School] of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), giving the subject “Artistic and Aesthetic Education – Theatre” for thirteen years. She has also taught a Stage Arts Production Workshop at higher education institutions as: Universidad de Londres, Andrés Soler Institute and Centro Cultural Helénico [Hellenic Cultural Center].

Among other functions, her work at CITRU focuses on: logistics of events, planning, diffusion, public relations and management of sponsorships and agreements.