70 años de teatro escolar del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes

70 years of school theater at the national institute of fine arts (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes)

Xóchitl Medina Ortiz

México, 2013
369 p.

This institutional memoir gathers information about one of the richest and most constant programs of the Mexican State: The School Theater Program, which was started by SEP. Its maturity is linked to the foundation of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura). Since 1942 and until 2012, millions of students of all ages have had an intense contact with the theater thanks to this program. It has been implemented along with educational authorities and also it has become a platform for the professionalization of theater practitioners, and an ideal space for their specialization

70 Years of School Theater at the National Institute of Fine Arts brings along a valuable documentation on the purposes of the program, the ways of operating it, its diverse results and the log of every theater play ever presented in this long period. It also includes testimonials of participants and organizers alike, and an attractive graphic memory accounting for its nobility and worth.