Brecht en México. A Cien Años de su Nacimiento

Brecht in Mexico. 100 hundred years after his birth

Editor: Rodrigo Johnson

UNAM-Difusión Cultural / INBA-CITRU / La Compañía Perpetua
México, 1998
155 p.

It is a commemorative edition that explains, from several viewpoints, the impact of Bertolt Brecht’s theater in Mexico. The essays, interviews, testimonies and chronological texts are ordered as follows: in the first part (“From Over There”) there is an unedited interview with Brecht, as well as the testimonies of Rosaura Revueltas and Stephen Sushke about The Berliner Ensemble. In the second part (“From Over Here”) some theater men in Mexico such as José Ramón Enríquez, Erando González, José Caballero and Otto Minera study the challenges that Brecht poses for Mexican theater. At the end, ("Brecht in Mexico"), the book contains these studies: "Brecht’s Reception in Mexico”, by Dietrich Rall; “A Brief Survey on Mise-en-scène”, by Jovita Millán; "Brecht in Mexican Dramaturgy, 1958-1965", by Armando Partida; and "Brecht: The Mexican Temptation", by Rodrigo Johnson, who is also the publisher and wrote the introduction to the book.