Celestino Gorostiza. Una vida para el teatro

Celestino Gorostiza. A life for the theater

Editorial coordination: Paloma Gorostiza

Edition, compilation, graphic and literary selection: Paloma Gorostiza, Guillermina Fuentes, Miguel Capistrán

Gobierno del Estado de Tabasco / CONACULTA / INBA
México, 2004
185 p.

Commemorative edition published for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Celestino Gorostiza (1904-1967); it is comprised of studies acknowledging his contribution to Mexican culture, taking into account his many-sided trajectory as a playwright, stage director, critic, translator, public servant and artistic promoter of theater groups (Teatro de Ulises, Teatro de Orientación, Contemporáneos and Teatro de México) which transformed the Mexican stage of the 20th century. The theoretical texts of Miguel Capistrán, Vicente Quirarte, Alejandro Ortiz, Rodolfo Obregón, Paloma Gorostiza and Guillermina Fuentes add value to the letter exchanges, work logs, chronologies, annexes, and testimonials —by generational partners, friends and family. All of the above restore the presence of Gorostiza in foundational events and movements of the modern Mexican stage.