Cleta: Crónica De Un Movimiento Cultural Artístico Independiente

Cleta: Chronicle of an independent artistic cultural movement

Julio César López Cabrera

México, 2012
302 p.

The political environment of the decade of the 70’s of the 20th century, in which the harshness of institutions within the Mexican State clashed with the openness and social advancements of the youth of the day, gave birth to multiple artistic movements linked to political action. This is the case of the Theater and Artistic Experimentation Free Center (Centro Libre de Experimentación Teatral y Artística, CLETA). This book is about its multiple lines of action.

Based on a deep document research, done in the files of CITRU, researcher Julio César López tells about the context, similar movements, happenings and discussions that defined the center and the paths of independent groups and artistic personalities who were part of it.