Patria, Mujeres y Teatro. Chihuahua: Segunda Mitad Del Siglo Xix

Homeland, women and theater. Chihuahua: second half of the 19th century

A. Montemayor Jáuregui

México, 1995.
69 p.

These essays, gathered from an investigation on documents from the Chihuahua City Municipal Historical Archive, as well as from institutional journalistic articles, allow us to reconstruct theater history linked to the political and social events in that city during the second half of the 19th Century. The next topics are explained in additional sections: the creation of the first comedy house; authors, actors, and companies that addressed “patriotic” topics; actresses or business women in Chihuahua; the professional profiles of theater commentators, illustrated with a case study; the modalities of invitation or “convite” to the show; the visit to Mexico City of the Italian Opera Company managed by Ángela Peralta; regulations for performances; locations for theater. As references, it includes documents, journalistic articles and bibliography.