Des/tejiendo escenas. Desmontajes: procesos de investigación y creación

Un/weaving stages. Dismantling: research and creation processes

Compilation and introduction: Ileana Diéguez

CONACULTA / INBA - CITRU / Universidad Iberoamericana
México, 2009
285 p.

Collection of text and video logs documenting the “dismantling of stage processes” that were part of a cycle organized by CITRU beginning in 2003, and that were presented as work sessions where creators and groups with bold and innovative proposals, and belonging to the current Mexican scene, shared moments of their search, research, training and construction of their stage creations with a specialized audience —researchers, theater workers and theater school students. All of the above in events with artistic and pedagogical profiles. These events merged stage displays, testimonials, theoretical reflections and document issues, such as the events presented by Juliana Faesler and her group La Máquina de Teatro; Raquel Araujo and the Teatro de La Rendija; Claudio Valdés Kuri and María Teresa Dal Pero from Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes; Patricio Villarreal and Héctor Bourges from Teatro Ojo; Gerardo Trejoluna, Rubén Ortiz and Indira S. Thought on the one person show Self-Confession (2003); Regina Quiñones, director of the monologue in three voices, Luisa (2005); Ricardo Díaz, director and playwright of Not to Be Hamlet; by Lorena Wolffer, on the poetics and the creative process of his actions; by Katia Tirado and her actions Piece of Pieces (2006) and Totemism (1998), as well as selected scenes of the dismantling of Gallery of the Dying, by Jorge Vargas and the Teatro Línea de Sombra. In other contexts, the compilation includes texts by Eugenio Barba, Julia Varlev and a video by Roberta Carreri, of the Odin Teatret, foundational forerunners of the display of processes and results of their stage creations. Out of the Latin American setting, the texts and displays by Miguel Rubio, Teresa and Rebeca Ralli, Ana and Débora Correa and Augusto Casafranca, of the Peruvian group Yuyachkani; by César Brie, by the Bolivian group Teatro de los Andes; and by Víctor Varela and the Cuban group Teatro Obstáculo. In the theoretical field, the texts “The De-Personification” by Gabriel Weisz; “Between Research and Creation, Theoretical Reflection and Stage Praxis”, interview with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier; and a study by Jorge Dubatti on the playwriting of the Argentinian Mauricio Kartún. The DVD which accompanied the book was edited and produced by Eugenio Cobo and presents selected scenes of some of the dismantling processes mentioned above.