El Discurso Teatral de Rodolfo Usigli: Del signo al Discurso

Rodolfo usigli’s theatrical discourse: From symbol to discourse

Daniel Meyrán

Translator: Manuel Menéndez

México, 1993.
284 p.

Le discours théâtral by Rodolfo Usigli —a doctoral speech he pronounced in 1988— now in Spanish. Usigli’s drama method analyzed through the semiotic model established by Ch. S. Peirce with the purpose of “discovering theatrical phenomenon in Rodolfo Usigli during a specific social/economic period, —Mexico 1930 to 1950—, in order to extract an innovative theater concept”. As a conclusion, Meyran states that “Usigli talks as an original creator; in his concept of theater, he integrates the spectator into the performance; he offers the playwright a possibility to perform a semiotic function in which the object “O” (fable), has a representamen “R” (text- symbol) and the interpreter “I” (public/spectator habitus) ”.