Esperanza Iris. La Tiple de Hierro (Escritos I)

Esperanza Iris. The iron soprano (writings I)

Sergio López Sánchez, Julieta Rivas Guerrero

Gobierno del Estado de Tabasco-Secretaría de Cultura, Recreación y Deporte / INBA-CITR
México, 2002.
356 p.

As a result of a documentary research (work that includes track, localization, findings, rescuing, paleography, conservation, organization and document checking until publication), this first volume of Esperanza Iris’ writings (1884-1967) gathers diverse documents: autobiographical texts, one interview, several literary writings, diaries (1931-1948) and a selection of letters. In the “Introduction Study”, Sergio López and Julieta Rivas, the publishers of the texts, give a profile of the personal and theatrical biography of this Mexican actress and businesswoman; and they practically make a log of the research process and filing methodology for this edition of documents. Such documents are now part of the Esperanza Iris Personal Files Fund (FAPEI/CITRU). A glossary, a chronology, a source reference and various indexes are included as complements to the volume.