Fiesta y Teatro en la Ciudad de México (1750-1910): dos ensayos

Theater and holidays in mexico city (1750-1910): Two essays

Miguel Ángel Vásquez Meléndez

México, 2003.
347 p.

There are two essays in this volume: Recreative Areas in the Urban Reform of Mexico City During the Second Half of the 18th Century and Theater and Civic Calendar of Mexico City, 1824-1910: A Means of Theater Promotion. The first essay talks about the new urban plans and the intention to improve public recreation areas in Mexico City. This derived from the Bourbonic Reforms, which had been enacted by the new ruling dynasty in Spain. The second essay focuses on theatrical production in the 19th century linked to the performances related to the new civic calendar; some playwrights who presented their plays at the time of the holidays established in that calendar are particularly considered: Ignacio Rodríguez Galván, Joaquín Villalobos, Vicente Riva Palacio, Juan A. Mateos and Enrique de Olavarría y Ferrari.