Teatro para títeres

Theater for puppets

Selection and introduction: Luis Martín Solís

El Milagro
México, 2004
351 p.

Anthology of texts offering a representative sample of the proposals of playwrights and puppet theater creative groups, who performed memorable stagings in Mexico during the last two decades. The nine plays selected were conceived for different animation techniques (puppets and actors, shadow theater and puppet theater), almost all of them conceived for an adult public. This edition also includes stage biographies of the creators and a guide to understanding the context of the staging process, photographs illustrating the staging and an analysis of the aesthetics, subject matter, expressive resources, reviews received and later presentations. The anthology includes: Barrionetas, by Juan Jiménez Izquierdo, Mauro Mendoza and Héctor Dávalos; Minotastasio and His Family, by Hugo Hiriart; Pandemonium, by Carlos Converso; Variations by Judith and Holofernes, by Juan José Barreiro; Black Report, by Francisco Hinojosa; Story of Goblins and Other Realities, by Alejandro Calvillo; Death Kills Nobody, by Antonio Avitia; The Well of the One Thousand Demons, by Maribel Carrasco; and Persephone, by Mireya Cueto.