Teatro y Liberación

Theater and freedom

Ana Goutman

México, 1992.
70 p.


This three-page leaflet-like volume gathers theoretical essays on the issues of the New Latin American Theater. In a prospective approach the research highlights the hypothetical colonialist suppositions with which Latin American Theater is generally explained; it also emphasizes the need to make a distinction between semiological analysis of the text and the necessity of studying the performance per se. In the essay “Theater Theorists”, Goutman fairly contrasts several theories by Kowzan, Peirce and Bruzy, among others who analyzed the spectacular text. In the essay “Collective Creation” he evaluates the work of groups compromised with social/political Latin American problems, such as Grupo Teatro Escambray from Cuba, La Candelaria from Colombia, works of the Brazilian Augusto Boal, the Mexican Rodolfo Valencia, Teatro Xicoténcatl from Tlaxcala and from Luis Valdés’s Teatro Campesino.