No. 2, July to December, 1991, 35 p.

Published from 1991 to 1992 (four issues)


Editorial (p. 1)

MILLÁN CARRANZA, Jovita. Ten Years of CITRU (p. 2)
MERLÍN, Socorro. Dreams Wearing Colors, Feathers and Sequin. (p. 5)
ADAME, Domingo. Theater Director as Creator-Performer. (p. 10)
VARGAS, José de Jesús. The Re-view of the Defeated Ones (p. 15)
GALARZA, Ma. Del Pilar. The Memoir of Theater (p. 17)
DÍAZ SANDOVAL, Arturo. Scene Life in Paper (p. 19)
FUENTES, Guillermina. Municipal Theater in Mexico City (p. 21)

Unpublished Documents:
Julio Bracho and Mexican Theater Development (p. 25)
SARAY GÓMEZ, Hilda. Some Ways to Get Closer to a Gem. Interview. (p. 28)
GOUTMAN, Ana. The Traps of The Method. Summary. (p. 31)

From CITRU’s documents archive:
Bibliography on Teater Direction (p. 34)
Theater Academy (p. 36)
About Madia (p. 39)
Events of CITRU (p. 40)