No. 3, January to June, 1993, 35 p..

Published from 1991 to 1992 (four issues)


VALENCIA, Rodolfo. Rural Theater Methodology (p. 1)
ZERMEÑO SAUCEDO, Raúl. The Investigator in the Interpretation of the Scene (p. 5)
RIVERA, Octavio. On a Theater History in Mexico (p. 7)
VÁZQUEZ MELÉNDEZ, Miguel Ángel. The Data Fund Margarita Mendoza López (p. 9)

Unpublished Documents:
ORTIZ BULLÉ-GOYRI, Alejandro. Inquisition Decrees: The Source to Study Novo—Hispanic Theater (p. 13)
Interview with Igacio Merino Lanzilotti
SARAY GÓMEZ, Hilda. To Research is to Leave Signs for Other Walkers (p. 18)

DÍAZ, Adolfo. Time and Space in Elena Garro´s Poetic View (p. 21)
ALBARRÁN, Claudia. Celebration of a Friend (p. 25)
SARAY GÓMEZ, Hilda. Criticism as a Permanent Dialogue (p. 27)

From the Files of CITRU:
GALARZA, María del Pilar. Bibliographical Curiosities of Theater (p. 29)
Theater Academy (p. 33)
About Amateur Theater (p. 36)
Theater Events at INBA (p. 37)