9 Escenógrafos Mexicanos

Nine mexican scenographers

Selection of material: Giovanna Rechia

Interviews: Giovanna Recchia and Hilda Saray

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

CD (Creators and Personalities Collection, in Digital Library 1)

Testimonies of nine contemporary Mexican scenographers – in alphabetical order: Martín Acosta, Philippe Amand, Jorge Ballina, Juliana Faesler, Juan José Gurrola, Alejandro Luna, Arturo Nava, Gabriel Pascal y Mónica Raya - who reflect in the first person on the process of their artistic formation, on their professional trajectory and on their theory and personal aesthetic in terms of scenography and theater. Additionally, via the “Theaterology” button, one accesses files with information about the montages in which each of these scenographers participated : year, play, author, director and theater; using the “Hemereography” button, one accesses references to reviews generated by these montages; and with the “Gallery” option, one accesses photos that illustrate the scenography of these interviewed artists’ stage productions.