En batalla. El teatro de Ludwik Margules

In battle. The theater of Ludwik Margules

Production: Verónica Quezada Granados

(DVD) Digital Library 4, Series: Stage creators 28’ 40’’
México, 2012

A complimentary video to the documentary CD about the theater of Ludwik Margules, In Battle recovers the director´s creative universe, his thematic and existential concerns, likewise the refining process of his theatrical aesthetic in the conclusive stage of his career (principally on the stage productions of Quartet and The Justs). But above all, it emphasizes the analytical rigour and the intimate relationship the director hatched between the theater and the world through each stage production: as well as his working method with the actors which used to result in a complex and emotional profoundness without compare –a very singular characteristic of the great Mexican director which constitutes one of his definitive contributions to theater and culture of Mexico.