Ignacio Retes. “Ocupación: teatrista”

Ignacio Retes. “Occupation: Man of theater”

Research: Jovita Millán

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

(CD-Rom) Digital Library 4, Series: Stage creators
México, 2012

Acclaimed actor, dramatist, director, producer, narrator and teacher, Ignacio Retes moved during a long period of the artistic activity of Mexico and coexisted intensely with creators of different generations, among them José Revueltas, Seki Sano and Vicente Leñero. As much as his independent labouring as under the sponsorship of institutions such as IMSS – one of the most ambitious cultural undertakings of the Mexican State – or UNAM, Retes looked forever to unite the art of theater, particularly that with clear political context, to an ample sector of society. An activist against censuring and the orthodox political visions, Retes moved with ease from theater to cinema and television, then to narrative, finally returning to theater.

The documentation of all these facets in theater and other media, as well as images, writings and audios, constitute the central axis of this CD that compliments, with a personal semblance, the introduction to each one of the forms of his activities and a list of sources for those interested in delving into the studio of his work.