Julio Castillo. “El niño que no me deja en paz”

Julio Castillo. “The child who doesn’t leave me alone”

Research: Sonia León

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

(CD-Rom) Digital Library 4 Series: Stage creators
México, 2012


This is an interactive catalogue which includes ample documentation on the work of Julio Castillo, one of the most important stage directors of the second half of the 20th century in Mexico. Despite his early death, Julio Castillo created around 50 stage productions, in an imaginative and highly poetic style, that made him one of the most exemplary directors in the plenitude of Mexican stage production. His stagings combined the scenic findings of the university directors of his generation and the reencounter of a local playwriting, principally that one dedicated to shed light on the dark elements of Mexico City and an infancy condemned because of them.

The CD includes in its main selection, the documentation of each one of those plays, a plentiful photographic selection, video samples of his last works, interviews and press materials, and some of Castillo’s own texts where he reflects upon the scenic creation. Particularly important is the critical accompaniment that his work generated and that is being recuperated here. In addition, the catalogue includes the register of his experience as an actor and his work in cinema as much as in television.