Ludwik Margules. “The poetry of directing”

Ludwik Margules. "The poetry of directing"

Research: Verónica Quezada Granados

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

(CD-Rom) Digital Library 4 Series: Stage creators
México, 2013

Originary from Poland, exiled in Russia and Tadzhikistan during the Second World War, Ludwik Margules lived in his own flesh the history of the 20th century before his definite move to Mexico, where he developed practically all of his artistic life. The imprint of this experience and an authentic obsession with the forms of human subjugation and the mechanisms of power, left marks in his close to 40 stage productions, several of them recognized by multiple critics and creators of Mexican theatre.

The emotional intensity achieved by his actors and the lucidness of the analysis of human conduct distinguished the theater of this director, teacher of theater and cinema, and founder of theatrical institutions, who was recognized with the Premio Nacional de Artes (National Arts Prize) in 2003.

The CD, Ludwik Margules, la poesía de la dirección , the poetry of directing, includes in its main section the documentation of each one of his stage productions, photographs, audios, video samples of some of his works, and also the critical follow-up he received. Of particular importance results in this case, the incorporation of some of the director’s own texts, where he reflects upon the scenic creation and, above all, the multiple analytic instruments (director’s notebooks, rehearsal log books) that he used, which constitute an authentic methodology of stage direction. It includes as well an introductory essay by the dramatist and director David Olguin, one of the artistic personalities closest to Ludwik Margules.