Miguel Sabido. “The ritual theater”

Miguel Sabido. “The ritual theater”

Research: Martha Julia Toriz Proenza

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

(CD-Rom) Digital Library 4 Series: Stage creators
México, 2013

Throughout all his professional life, Miguel Sabido, director, author, producer and promoter of Mexican theatre, with an extensive career in cultural television, has combined creative labour with the generation of instances that move theater closer to the open public and with a passionate investigation into the popular theatrics of Mexico. In this sense the documentary CD, The Ritual Theater Theater is structured to follow-up the theatrical movements in which he participated (like the mniversity movement Teatro en Coapa) and the production organizations that he founded (Theater of Mexico), but, above all, in the areas of rescue, research and promotion of the Popular Ritual Theatre in our country.

Like in the rest of the series “Stage creators”, here one encounters an extensive documentation about each of the scenic creations in which Sabido was involved from 1995 to 2011, as well as other activities undertaken as a producer, author or cinematographic director, and it is accompanied by a personal semblance and introductory texts to each of the main periods, scenic specialties and the most significant plays of his very long trajectory.