Revistas del CITRU

CITRU Magazines

Coordination, text editing and image digitalization: Imelda Lobato and Leslie Zelaya

Design and Programming: Omar Moscoso

CD (Facsimile collection, mexican theater magazine)
México, 2006

As part of a project that proposes the recuperation of Mexican magazines specialized in theater in digital facsimile editions, the first compact disc of the collection refers to the generated journalistic publications by CITRU in the period between 1983 and 2001. These magazines document the academic life of the center and Mexican theatrical undertakings of the last two decades to offer updates of research projects, studies about the lives and art of Mexican theater professionals and diverse monographic themes, such as critical reviews and specialized reference sources. The following titles are reproduced Boletín CITRU (1983- 1987), Boletín CITRU Nueva época (1987), Acotación (1991-1992), Documenta CITRU (1995-1997) y Documenta CITRU Nueva época (1999-2001).The digital edition permits access to information on each one of the magazines through its table of contents or through its reading page by page.