Teatro : boletín de información e historia

Theater: bulletin of information and history

Coordination and text editing: Imelda Lobato and Leslie Zelaya

Design and Programming: Omar Moscoso

CD (Facsimile collection, mexican theater magazine)
México, 2008

The second compact disc of the Facsimile Collection, which aims to recuperate in a digital edition, the past Mexican magazines specialized in theater. Theater: bulletin of information and history was edited by Margarita Mendoza López, also founder and director of CITRU from June 1981 to March 1983. The main menu offers an index with options that lead to hemerographic references, table of contents and the reading, page by page, of the 12 numbers of the magazine; as well as an index of themes, which gives a link to the article and the magazine in which it appears. As an added bonus, and as an homage to Margarita Mendoza López, it includes, in special folders: a chronological note on her life and work, which is displayed through the coordinates of years, events and images; a selection of published works: the book First Renovators of Thetare (1928-1941), and more than 50 texts with articles, prologues and essays, that she wrote in diverse magazines specialized in theater; as well as a collection of interviews and semblances written by critics and friends like Gonzalo Valdés Medellín and José Antonio Alcaraz, who recalled our researcher.