Revistas de teatro de la UNAM

UNAM Theater journals

Coordination, text editing and image digitalization: Imelda Lobato and Leslie Zelaya

Design and Programming: Omar Moscoso

DVD (Facsimile collection, mexican theater magazine)
México, 2012

Within the panorama of the Mexican theater magazines that this digital collection of facsimiles restores, this collection sheds light on those from diverse periods published by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico), one of the main producers and promoters of performative art in this country during this and the last centuries. In this way, the diverse stages of the magazines La Cabra (between 1971 and 1996) and Escénica (Staging) (1982 to 1993), as well as its important precursor, Theater in Coapa (1958 to 1960) operate as an unstoppable consultation source (more than 7000 pages) in respect to the theater in the aforementioned periods, but also to their own historical references and, above all, to a thought – then budding – which sustained its activities and practices, as well as its successes and possible failures. It is worthwhile mentioning that a great part of the theoretical texts published in those years are in force as they continue to be highly relevant in today’s theater. Given the absolutely leading role of the University Theater in the cultural life of the last third of the 20th century, one can understand that the more than 7000 pages of content on this DVD holds many surprises.

Made as a homage to the editor and researcher, Josefina Brun, whose professional trajectory was intimately linked to these magazines and the development of the University Theater in general.