Museo imaginario del teatro

Imaginary museum of theater

Responsible for the content: Rodolfo Obregón

5 DVDs (Creators and Personalities Collection)
México, 2009.


Renowned masters of Mexican theater recreate – from diverse generational perspectives, atmospheres, relevant facts and images – some memorable spectacles that were presented in Mexico City throughout the second half of the 20th century, in which they participated as creators and/or exceptional spectators. Chatting with Rodolfo Obregón and Josefina Brun, utilizing a method of oral history that revives a tradition that younger generations have not managed to see, and that only exist in scarce registers; the conversations took place, emblematically, in our most important theater schools: the University Theater Center (el Centro Universitario de Teatro) and the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (la Faculdad de Filosofía y Letras), of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the School of Theater Art (la Escuela de Arte Teatral), National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA); Blue House (Casa Azul), and the House of Theater (la Casa del Teatro). In their headquarters, they carefully listen to the accounts of Héctor Gómez (teacher-trainer of actors and himself a theater, cinema and television actor); José Solé (stage director, actor and Mexican institutional theater functionary as Director of the School of Theater Art and the National Theater Company, of INBA, and the Nation Theater, of IMSS; José Luis Ibáñez (university teater teacher and stage director, participant of Poesía en Voz Alta and director of brilliant montages of classical theater and musical theater); Manuel Capetillo (writer, teacher and theater critic, author of the poetics on how to read aesthetic theatrical experience); and Miguel Sabido (author, director, producer and dramatist of classical theater and popular ritual theater, participant of the Teatro en Coapa initiator of historical soap operas and Mexican cultural television). With capsules that introduce the life and work of each theater professional, the videographic registers of the testimonies are illustrated with photo images, programs and posters of the alluded montages and, as a digital support, the collection is edited in 5 DVDs included in an attractively presented box set.