Música de teatro

Theater music

Compilation, selection and edition: Javier Bolaños

Audio CD
México, 1998.

A compilation of musical pieces that, in their generic and tonal multiplicity, are a representative sample of the multiple resources that this sort of “sonic scenography” offers – which José Antonio Alcaraz describes in the presentation – so much for the creation of artistic work, as to give vitality, offer allusions or give direct emphasis to stage performance, but above all, for us to draw near the creative work of some Mexican composers and to some of the scores that they have written specially for the theater. These musicians are: Rafael Elizondo, with his compositions for Lucrecia Borgia (1977), Landrú (1962) with two themes, “The Skull” (1975) and “The Comic Process of José K.” (1982). Alicia Urreta, for Skull Lounge (1982) with four themes, “The Visits” (1979) and “The Good Management” (1984). Luis Rivero, for Santa (1976), The Conspiration of the Greasy Pole (1989), Reso (1973) and The bait of Fenisa (1991). Federico Ibarra for The slaves of Istanbul (1991) and Life is a dream (1995). Leonardo Velázquez for, Bartolomé de las Casas (1990) with two themes and Fame and Death of Joaquín Murrieta (1977) with three themes. Rocío Sanz, for Pedro Telonario (1963) with three themes. Lucia Álvarez, for The mermaid of the night sailor (1993) and Something (1974). Marcela Rodríguez, for Double edged (1993) and Devotions (1993) with two themes. The list of musical pieces provides the name of the play, the author, the director, the leading actors, the music composer, the author of the recording, as well as the forum and the year in which it was performed.