Antonio Escobar Delgado

Antonio Escobar Delgado

Mexican Theater of the XX century

Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Literature and Theater from UNAM.

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He carried out his professional studies at the Department of Dramatic Literature and Theater at UNAM and at the Department of Hispanic Literature at UAM. He has specialized as a French-Spanish translator.

He has been responsible for the projects: Set Design Notebook (Antonio López Mancera); Antonio López Mancera, Stage Designer and Visual Intermittences of Theater in Mexico.

He is author of the publications The Theater of These Days: A First Rehearsal of Political Theater in Mexico together with Israel Franco;Towards a Theatrical Poetry by Jesús González Dávila and Theater in Mexico 1900-1990. Database. He is coauthor of the book Four Plays for Magazine for “The Theater of These Days” (1932), edited by the Metropolitan Autonomous University (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana). He has published a review of the book One Century of Theater in Mexico (2011) for the magazine Anthropological Dimension; written the foreword to Doña Nieves, a work by Mauricio Magdaleno, together with Israel Franco, for the magazine Gestures in its digital version; the article Theater in Mexico (1900-1901). Draft for its Study”, for the magazine Documenta CITRU; and “Blindness or Sightlessness”, for the magazine Artistic Education. He has translated Rewrite the Dramatic or the Washing of the Dead, by Daniel Lemahieu, published in the magazine Stage Space, and “The Alive and the Virtual”, by Jean-Marie Pradier, published in Documenta CITRU. In addition, he has participated in conferences, colloquia and seminars organized by AMIT, CITRU, the Latin American University, UAM, the University Regional Center Bariloche (Centro Regional Universitario Bariloche) in Argentina; Arizona State University in Phoenix and the University of Texas in El Paso, Texas.