Arturo Díaz Sandoval

Arturo Díaz Sandoval

Master’s degree in Dance Research at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes [National Institute of Fine Arts].

Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Literature and Theatre by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México [National Autonomous University of Mexico].

Director of the Centro Nacional de Investigación, documentación e información teatral Rodolfo Usiglo (CITRU), [The Rodolfo Usigli National Theater Research, Documentation and Information Center] during the present term (from 2014 to 2019).

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He has worked at CITRU since 1990, where he was Coordinator of the Documentation Coordination Office for twelve years. During that time he focused his aim in establishing a closer relationship between the performer’s body, the stage creator, the object of theatre, and the user, in order to renew and enhance the collections to transform the paradigms and promote the discipline of theater research.

Member of the International Society of Libraries and Museums of Performing Arts (SIBMAS for its acronym in Spanish) since 2004, in whose biannual congresses he has presented papers on the artistic documentary heritage and the research processes in generating theatrical knowledge sources.

He is co-author of the following books: Bianuario: teatro en México 1990-1991 [Bi-annual Directory: Mexican Theatre 1990-1991], El teatro en México 1992-1993 [Theatre in Mexico 1992-1993], El teatro en México 1994-1995 [Theatre in Mexico 1994-1995] and the CD-ROM Anuarios del teatro en México 1990-2000 [Annual Directories of Mexican Theatre 1990-2000] , published by CITRU / INBA. He was responsible for the vertical file and for preparing the CD-ROM El teatro en México 1990-1995 [Theatre in Mexico 1990-1995], made for the exhibition “Visión del teatro mexicano” [“View of Mexican Theatre”] in Cadiz, Spain, 1997. Iconographic collaborator in the magazine Documenta CITRU 1-4 in its first stage. He has presented and published several articles on documentation and theatrical policies in Mexico and abroad. In 2004 and 2007 he coordinated the academic meetings titled “Researching to document, documenting for researching”, the first of which generated a publication. He also prepared and was the curator of the exhibition and publication, in epub format, “Paradigmas del teatro mexicano siglos XX y XXI” [“Paradigms of Mexican theater, XX and XXI centuries”] whose aim was to commemorate the 30th anniversary of CITRU.

As an actor and choreographer he has participated in theatrical and operatic stagings, most of them about Mexican themes and directed by creators of the stature of José Luis Ibanez, José Ramon Enríquez and José Antonio Alcaraz, among others.